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Being Human: Inspiration for Balancing Mind Body and Spirit

"Being Human by Tammy Plunkett explores the very basis stated in the title. And where does Tammy get her information? Not from textbooks or esoteric studies, but from her deeply personal life stories, which she shares with you. This is an easy read but not a simple read. It will help you much better understand the world around you. Being Human will inform, entertain, and inspire you. But most of all, it will enlighten you to your humanness and give you the insight and tools to make your life fulfilled and fully satisfying, despite whatever challenges you may face."

-Charles F. Glassman, MD, FACP – Coach MD; founder, The NY Center for Longevity & Wellness. Creator of the newly released Pulse of Life Personal Coaching System and author of the critically acclaimed book, Brain Drain.

Enter to Win

400dpiLogo The will award a life makeover - valued at over $30,000. Services including dentistry, cosmetic surgery, fitness and nutrition support, financial planning, life coaching, and spa services are donated by a network of 6 local professionals to help one Ottawa-area resident begin a journey towards realizing their inner beauty by embracing better health, improved self-esteem and a clearer plan for their future.
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  • Let’s Make Mental Health Sexy
    If someone took your 16 year old daughter and tortured, scarred and mutilated her body over and over and over again for 3 years, how would you feel? What would you do? Would you be completely enraged? Camped out at… Read more › The post Let’s Make Mental Health Sexy appeared first on Tammy Plunkett.
  • Writing to Teach and Inspire
    I have had many peak experiences in my life that stand out as ultimate achievements of which I am very  proud—after all I have four beautiful children—but there is a special quality to the day I celebrated my first book… Read more › The post Writing to Teach and Inspire appeared first on Tammy Plunkett.

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