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Sorry, Not Sorry

Not long after the ultimately humbling experience of going through a divorce at 29 years old and winding up a single mom of a two and four-year-old, I found myself out shopping in a very busy department store. I had not regained my self-confidence. I felt like a failure. No one goes into a marriage thinking it would someday end. I am sure my state of mind showed in my body language in that store. An older lady with deep wrinkles in her cinnamon colored skin made her way around me between clothes Read more [...]
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Money Mindset

Limiting beliefs and Money Mindset are words that get thrown around a lot in business. They mean something different when you sit back and really take in the life lessons you have faced when it comes to money, and it would benefit all people, not only those in business, to have a good look at their money beliefs. Just like the rags to riches archetype, I grew up in a working-class family that moved a lot from one rental to another, which means my parents changed jobs a lot and never benefited Read more [...]
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I Submit to Not Summiting

On July 13th, my friend Heidi gifted me with a hike in the mountains in honour of my mom passing. At the age of 17, Heidi lost her mom when she’d been murdered by her father. She understood my loss. Heidi asked me to choose a hike I had never been on before. I chose Ha Ling Peak because I have never hiked to a peak and so desperately wanted the accomplishment of reaching the top of the world. I knew Heidi was athletic enough to push me to complete a hike that was double the elevation I had Read more [...]
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The Valley of Grief

I am grieving the loss of my mother who died suddenly and unexpectantly on May 26th. This is my truth when it comes to allowing myself to grieve while drawing inspiration from the mountains, and from the book Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. What do we know about the mountains? There are peaks and there are valleys. High highs and low lows. Just like life. I absolutely love the mountains. I also love to hike in the mountains. I love the climb, the exhilaration and the success of reaching Read more [...]
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Beginning With Commitment

There’s something about the month of January and the New Year that has us all setting goals and new intentions for our health, our careers, and our relationships. Some call it resolutions, others say it’s a lifestyle change. Call it what you will, you will need two elements to make it happen: Commitment and a beginner’s mind. Here I am, on my yoga mat unable to even touch my toes. Again. Huffing and puffing halfway through my second sun salutation makes it hard to believe that fifteen Read more [...]
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Coming Out

It’s no big secret that I talk and write a lot about empowering women to stand in their personal power and speak their truth. “Stop hiding and speak up because you matter,” is my everyday mantra. So what do I need to be coming out about? The big secret is how much I don’t speak up in everyday life. I was on a mastermind call this past Monday and I waited to be called on before I talked about my project. Why? Because it’s going so well and I’m too excited and too passionate about Read more [...]
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Speak Up Ladies

I take it for granted now that there is often a theme that arises from my coaching clients. Somehow, they come to their sessions with common issues and I have stopped wondering why and just accept that this is part of how the Universe works. This past week’s theme though is a theme that hit me personally. Men just aren’t listening! It’s time to speak up, ladies. My first client is working on healthier boundaries with an ex-husband who was financially abusive. She is frustrated at the Read more [...]
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Making a Difference with Your Writing

Most of the women I talk with on a daily basis hold these two core values: their number one priority is their family and secondly they want to make a difference in the world. Those happen to be some of my own core values. I am here to tell you that a very effective way to make a difference in the world, and subsequently in the lives of your children, is with your writing. Many of the writers I coach are writing specifically to impart lessons they’ve learned in life with the goal of helping Read more [...]
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Writing a Book on Maternity Leave

  No, I’m not delusional from sleep deprivation. Yes, it can be done. I know because I did it. And, let’s be realistic, you won’t be writing the next New York Times bestseller during baby’s first month home when you’re feeding every 2 hours and staying up at night more than you did in college. But you will, both mommy and baby, eventually fall into a routine, and in that routine there is plenty of time to write. If people can write books during one month in NaNoWriMo, then surely Read more [...]
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The Perils of Self-Editing

  Let me ease the mind of all of you who have embarked on a new journey of choosing to write a book and are now hesitating in front of a blank page waiting for the perfect sentence to flow out of your fingers, or are reading what you’ve just spent hours writing only to think it is complete and utter rubbish. To write is to rewrite. No one writes a perfect first draft from beginning to end in one fell swoop. It has often been said that writing a book is 20 % writing and 80% re-writing. Read more [...]
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