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Beyond Pronouns: How My Transgender Child Transformed Me

Though my son showed the ultimate bravery of living his truth, I hid mine. As a recovering approval addict, I hid my guilt, denial, bargaining, anger, and sadness from him and the rest of the world out of pure desperation. I couldn’t live with myself if he felt unloved or unaccepted by me, so I explored my feelings and eventually came to terms with his transition in my own proverbial closet.

Beyond Pronouns: How My Transgender Child Transformed Me follows the timeline of my child going from a bubbly happy girl to a distressed, depressed and suicidal pubescent pre-teen to a self-actualized and fulfilled boy, and the turbulent emotional ride I secretly hurled through alongside him.


Tammy Plunkett left her career as a registered nurse to stay home and raise her four children. It turned out that she could only take so much Sesame Street and after a while, she returned to her first love—writing. Tammy spent a few years working solely in fiction then switched gears. Her studies of psychology and spirituality lead to a desire to inspire others through her talks, her blog on Huffington Post and her first book Being Human: Inspiration for Balancing Mind Body and Spirit. As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, she empowers women to connect to their story and use it to fuel their writing, their business, and their lives. She is the founder of Big Sky Author Services and holds an executive position on the board for Airdrie Pride Society.





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Two doctors have much more at stake than a broken heart if they can’t find a way to work together to save his research study and her patient’s life when stem cells go missing.

Dr. Georgia Laurence is a heart surgeon who purposefully takes on the hardest cases to make up for losing her mother to heart disease as a teen. When Georgia is faced with the first inoperable case of her career, she decides to approach a stem cell researcher, Dr. Mitch Mancini, about using his new therapy. But when the stem cells and procedural manual disappear, Georgia must work with Mitch, despite a distracting attraction, to stop who they suspect is the competing research team out to take credit for the study. They must find the stem cells before her patient dies and the thief seems to be one of their own who will stop at nothing, not even murder, to make sure the research doesn’t move forward.