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Being Human – Inspiration for Balancing Mind Body and Spirit

BH Cover Proof1As we hurtle through our day, crashing off of one obstacle after another, we rarely find the time even to dream about a life filled with peace and spiritual awareness. And when we do pause—usually from exhaustion—to wonder about those who seem to float along, feeling some sort of “other” connection, how many of us question the ability to do that and live in the real world? Tammy Plunkett puts this age-old dilemma in crystal-clear perspective when she writes: “Somebody has to stop meditating long enough to cook dinner.” We don’t have to move to Tibet and live in a cave to find peace. The choices we make in our everyday lives serve as the bridge between our basic reactive state and our more aware higher selves. Being Human shows how we can use these choices to transform our own lives as well as the world we live in. Have you ever had the feeling that something is missing? That there must be more to this experience called life? Then Being Human was written for you.

Being Human is available now from Balboa or or Barns & order this title (ISBN 978-1-4525-6958-1 or 978-1-4525-6959-8) through your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer.

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Being Human by Tammy Plunkett explores the very basis stated in the title. And where does Tammy get her information? Not from textbooks or esoteric studies, but from her deeply personal life stories, which she shares with you. This is an easy read but not a simple read. It will help you much better understand the world around you. Being Human will inform, entertain, and inspire you. But most of all, it will enlighten you to your humanness and give you the insight and tools to make your life fulfilled and fully satisfying, despite whatever challenges you may face.”

-Charles F. Glassman, MD, FACP  

The Faces behind the pages that inspire

319453_144413349033475_682207169_nIn one of the chapters in The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire, Tammy Plunkett and Charlene Winchester tell the story about how they used Facebook to build a community of followers to The Bridge Post fan page. The members of this community not only came to love the fan page quotes and posters but also developed real give and take friendships. Available on