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Category: Writing

Dancing with Ghosts

As much as we want to leave the past behind us, it comes up for re-examination every once in a while. Memories resurface during the holidays, people say things that resurrect an old hurt, or in my case, we go

The Joy of Being

I was speaking on the phone to a business colleague as I packed my bag for a six-day retreat in the Canadian Rockies with Eckhart Tolle. “I’m actually nervous about this trip. I’m worried about leaving my business behind for

Making a Difference with Your Writing

Most of the women I talk with on a daily basis hold these two core values: their number one priority is their family and secondly they want to make a difference in the world. Those happen to be some of

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Writing a Book on Maternity Leave

  No, I’m not delusional from sleep deprivation. Yes, it can be done. I know because I did it. And, let’s be realistic, you won’t be writing the next New York Times bestseller during baby’s first month home when you’re

The Perils of Self-Editing

  Let me ease the mind of all of you who have embarked on a new journey of choosing to write a book and are now hesitating in front of a blank page waiting for the perfect sentence to flow

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Maintaining Momentum Over the Summer

Why is it that when the warm weather comes along, we suddenly slough off all our wonderful, productive habits as we apply a layer of sunscreen? You know what it’s like: you just get into the groove of your yoga

You Don’t Have to Starve for Your Art

I recently had a phone conversation with someone who wanted to write a book. I could hear the passion she had for her topic reverberate through my earpiece and into my heart. This book needs to be birthed into the

4 Essential Questions When Writing a Book

  Once a life coach always a life coach. I ask questions for a living… can you tell? When it comes to embarking on, and most importantly completing, the journey of writing a book, it is not an accomplishment that

When should you start promoting your future book?

The biggest mistake I made with my first book is that I believed the old movie line “if you build it they will come.” Well, this ain’t the Field of Dreams baby, and people won’t buy your book if they

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Having self-published my first book, and now being on the path of acquiring an agent and submitting to conventional publishers with my second book, I often get asked to explain the difference between both methods. After I explain the difference,

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