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Tammy Plunkett

Personal Development Coaching

I have been in that place of aimless repetition, that place where things were okay but not great, my life was fine but not fabulous. It was soul sucking and draining. I wanted more for myself, coaching got me there, and now I want more for you too. Personal Development coaching is about YOU. It’s about…

What You WANT

Do you wonder what the meaning of your life is? What your life purpose is? I will ask you a whole lot of tough questions to help you figure out what you are truly passionate about and what matters to you – and not necessarily what others think you should be or do. Together, we identify your big goals and dreams and I help you work towards them, all while silencing your inner critic and empowering your true self.


Do you get stuck in a rut or in your comfort zone? Do you need help getting over the obstacles on the path to your ultimate life? This is about challenging limiting beliefs and finding a “resonant perspective” which means making decisions from a place of peace and effectiveness, instead of a place of frustration and of feeling stuck.

What You FEEL

Do you need someone to just hold the space for you to explore your feelings? I give you a safe place to be truly heard and not judged, to be witnessed and allowed to process what life offers you, the good and the not so good, the blessings and the lessons.


Tammy Plunkett

Business Success Coaching

What if I told you that you can have a successful business that lines up with the lifestyle you want, matches your values, and supports what matters most to you? What if I told you that you can have that success without constantly trying to alter your methods in order to fit into what the “guru” of the day suggests is the best and fastest way to 7 figures. Because after all, didn’t you go into business in the first place so you would have more freedom and independence?

My Business Success Coaching program starts with the best of what coaching can offer in terms of clearly discovering and asserting what you want, looking at what beliefs and mindsets are at play, and setting your own strong definition of what business success means to YOU.  Then, we discuss the unique and specific steps you’ll take to get there.

Included is a tested and perfected 12 module business consulting learning system to ensure you have a solid foundation in sales, marketing, branding, and time management while also attracting your ideal clientele.


Tammy Plunkett

How we get started

To get started, please send me an email with the answers to the following questions:

What are your three top challenges?

What are your three top goals?

I’ll email you back within 24 hours to arrange a free 30 minute discovery call.

I came to work with Tammy from some pretty dark places, personally and professionally. She helped me stand my ground where I needed to, holding me accountable, challenging me, cheering me on. Tammy helped me overcome emotional fears and encouraged me to make strong decisions based on who I am and not who anyone else thinks I need to be, holding my values and beliefs in high regard. Even though I now weigh out pros and cons of a situation, I can certainly talk myself through it which is a huge mountain I would have never climbed before. Due to my work with Tammy, I’m able to move on from a professional rut and be happy with this decision, and the best part is being able to work toward my passion consistently even if it takes a little while to get there, I can still feed my happiness and be true to myself.” -Melanie Murphy