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Writing Coaching

Are you tired of thinking about writing a book one day, or worst feeling like a fraud because you talk about it all the time but still have nothing to show for it? Or, have you been working on the same manuscript for years in fits and spurts and are ready to finally get the book done?

Imagine seeing your name on the spine of a book on the shelves of your favorite bookstore!

I can coach you past the inner critic and life getting in the way of your big goal. I am an award-winning, bestselling author myself and I know what is needed in terms of story content and structure, what will stand up in today’s market, and what to expect after you type the words “The End.”

 If now is the time, and you are ready to write your book

I would be happy to be your guide. Book a time to chat with me here and let’s see if working one-on-one is the support you need to become a published author.

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Your Thought Leader Career

What if I told you that you can have a successful business that launches off your book, matches your values, and makes a difference in the world. What if I told you that you can have that success without constantly trying to alter your methods in order to fit into what the “guru” of the day suggests is the best and fastest way to 7 figures.

We all have the potential to be thought leaders

But finding the right way to bring your innovative and inspirational idea into the world is key. We have to find the sweet spot where your story and your message overlap to reach your audience in your unique voice. As a thought leader, you’ll share your voice through your book, brand, and business.

My thought leader career program starts with the best of what coaching can offer in terms of clearly discovering and asserting what you want, looking at what beliefs and mindsets are at play, and setting your own strong definition of what business success means to YOU.  Then, we discuss the unique and specific steps you’ll take to get there.

Included is a tested and perfected 12 module business consulting learning system to ensure you have a solid foundation in sales, marketing, branding, and time management while also attracting your ideal clientele.

Book a time to chat with me here and let’s see how I can support your Thought Leader Business.