I am first and foremost the mom of four amazing kids. All four identify within the LGBTQIA+ acronym, even though I am more vocal about our journey with our transgender son, Mitchell, and trans daughter, Rose. My children are a huge reason I am an advocate in the community.


Prior to becoming a life coach, I began my career as a Registered Nurse at The Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. After twelve years working mainly with transplant patients in cardiac intensive care units, I chose to stay home to raise my four children. I explored other interests during that time, including psychology, personal development, and my childhood passion for writing. It was soon clear that writing is my life’s blood. I have since published self-help non-fiction, romantic fiction, and my newest release is Beyond Pronouns: The Essential Guide for Parents of Trans Children


I love teaching and cherish every time I get to pass along my experience, whether supporting organizations to understand the unique needs of a transgender family or sharing the best ways everyday people can be super-allies. You can find some of my appearances over at In The Media. I’ve been told I have a gift for clarity while being real about my own personal struggles and triumphs. By weaving in stories from my life, I inspire my audiences to connect with their own stories and use them to fuel their parenting or their writing.

Communications Professional

Helping others has always driven my work. I combine the skills of a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with a Global DEIB Certificate and my lived experience to enhance your marketing and communications, write books and courses, provide executive coaching, speak, and support youth and family-focused organizations to be more welcoming allies to the gender-diverse community.  


I currently live in Airdrie, Alberta. In 2022, I won an award for my advocacy work as a volunteer on the board of directors with Airdrie Pride and for launching a monthly support group for parents of LGBTQIA+ children. When not at my keyboard or with my nose in a book, I can often be found hiking the Rocky Mountains with friends and family.