As an author, I create narratives crafted to have an impact on the lives of everyone who reads them.


As an advocate, I chose to use my privilege to boldly give a voice to the LGBTQ community.


As an advisor, I inspire and champion the completion of writing goals and publishing dreams.

A Mother

I am first and foremost the mom of four amazing kids. All four of them identify within the LGBTQ acronym even though I am more vocal about my third child who transitioned from female to male. They are a huge reason why I am an advocate for the community.

An Entrepreneur

I am also the founder of Big Sky Author Services, a coaching and consulting business that supports entrepreneurs and professionals in writing and publishing their books. Using the skillset I acquired as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I help my clients move past their inner critic and I hold them accountable to their writing goals. As a writing coach, I have worked with a wide range of clients including an international speaker on leadership, a Doctor of Pharmacology, a meditation guru, a regional director for a financial group, and a fortune 50 business strategist. As a publishing consultant, I help identify the publishing stream that would best suit my client’s book and career. I lead a team of editing and design sub-contractors who make Big Sky Author Services a one-stop-shop for the busy professional who doesn’t want to have to learn the back-end of publishing.

A Writer

Prior to becoming a certified life coach, I began my career as a Registered Nurse at The Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. After twelve years working mainly with transplant patients in cardiac intensive care units, I was ready to explore other areas of interest which included psychology, alternative healing modalities, and my childhood passion of writing. It was soon clear that writing is my life’s blood. In 2013, I launched my first book, Being Human: Inspiration for Balancing Mind Body and Spirit, on stage in front of 400 people at an event celebrating Oprah Winfrey’s visit to Ottawa.

A Speaker

I am very active in entrepreneurial circles and love to travel for speaking and networking. To date, I have appeared as a speaker in San Diego, Dallas, Salem N.J., Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto for conferences held by eWomen Network, the Romance Writers Association, and Women Talk. I am renowned for being real about my own personal struggles and triumphs. By weaving in stories from my life, I inspire my audiences to connect with their own stories and use them to fuel their writing.

A Volunteer

I currently live in Airdrie, Alberta with my husband and the youngest two of our four children. I devote my volunteer time on the Executive Board of Airdrie Pride. When not at my keyboard or with my nose in a book, I can often be found hiking the Rocky Mountains with my family.