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Beyond Pronouns

the essential guide for parents of trans Children

Releasing June 21, 2022.

If your child or teen recently told you they are transgender, non-binary or genderfluid, you’re bound to have questions. You may wonder how best to support your child’s transition and doubt whether you are making the right decisions.

When her son came out as transgender, Tammy Plunkett had the same worries. In Beyond Pronouns, she shares her candid experiences learning to navigate her child’s transition and provides clear and practical guidance to help you do the same. She deals with many frequently asked questions, including:

– Is this a phase?

– Why not wait until they’re an adult?

– How do I tell others my child is gender-diverse?

– Where do we start a child’s transition?

Offering gentle guidance through the first 100 days and beyond, Tammy uniquely addresses the need for parents to be supported so they can best care for their child. You will find ways to face common fears, have important conversations with your child, be a good ally, and much more, with age-appropriate approaches that aim for a happy and connected family.


A Memoir

Continuum is an unvarnished account of a mother’s inner transformation when her child comes out as transgender. From the outside, it appears as if her family is grappling solely with the transition of a girl to a boy. But beneath it all, the author is masking her grief, dealing with the consequences of hiding from the shadows of her past. Ashamed of her childhood, Tammy vows to do everything in her power to build a better life for herself and her future family. But she falls wide of the mark, adopting the Stepford wife persona instead of genuinely connecting with others. Although outwardly Tammy shows her support to everyone around her, she secretly grieves the future she imagined in her own proverbial closet. Continuum explores the medical and social ramifications of a child transitioning at puberty. Revealing both the mental health implications of having estrogen coursing through the veins of a teenage boy and the devastating effect of losing friends at this crucial developmental stage. This poignant memoir exposes how the author deals with both veiled and overt prejudice, not just in the world at large, but in her own heart and mind. Her son’s unflinching determination to stand firmly in his truth inspires Tammy to no longer dwell upon what others think of her. Her only concern now is what she thinks of herself.


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