Inclusivity Audit

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Inclusivity Audit

Is your online presence truly inclusive?

Are you connecting with your audience in a way that resonates with diverse voices?

Discover the power of building trust, authentic engagement, and growing your client base with an Inclusive Communications and Marketing Audit.

Why Choose Our Audit?

Dive deep into your website and social media channels as I bring my decades of communications experience and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) strategy expertise to your digital doorstep. Uncover hidden opportunities to enhance inclusivity, connect authentically, and foster a sense of belonging among your audience.

Your Audit Includes

A Comprehensive Analysis where I leave no digital stone unturned, conducting a thorough audit to pinpoint areas for improvement in your communications and marketing strategy.

Actionable Insights where you will receive a detailed report outlining clear, actionable steps to enhance inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring your content aligns with diverse perspectives.

My Customized Recommendations are tailored specifically for your small business or non-profit, giving you practical, impactful advice designed for immediate implementation.


Take the first step toward a more inclusive and impactful connection with your audience. By investing in the Inclusive Marketing and Communications Audit, you’re not just enhancing your online presence — you’re investing in a future where your brand truly stands for equity and belonging.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your brand’s inclusivity. Click below to secure your audit, and let’s embark on a journey toward impactful connections and a more inclusive digital landscape.

Tammy presented expertly on a topic that can sometimes feel hard to navigate yet is necessary. My audience loved her wisdom and her ability to break down DEIB communication into a digestible, doable practice. Thank you Tammy for creating clarity and focus on an important and powerful topic. Be sure to hire Tammy for your next event. You won’t be disappointed!

Jennifer Trask, MBA

Founder, The Joyous Journey, Voted Toronto’s Best Business Consultant

By choosing this audit, you’re joining a community committed to fostering inclusivity. Let’s create digital spaces that resonate with everyone. Secure your audit now and be part of the movement toward a more inclusive future! For more information email me at