Beyond Pronouns is an unvarnished account of a mother’s inner transformation when her child comes out as transgender. From the outside, it appears as if her family is grappling solely with the transition of a girl to a boy. But beneath it all, the author is masking her grief, dealing with the consequences of hiding from the shadows of her past. Ashamed of her childhood, Tammy vows to do everything in her power to build a better life for herself and her future family. But she falls wide of the mark, adopting the Stepford wife persona instead of genuinely connecting with others. Although outwardly Tammy shows her support to everyone around her, she secretly grieves the future she imagined in her own proverbial closet. Beyond Pronouns explores the medical and social ramifications of a child transitioning at puberty. Revealing both the mental health implications of having estrogen coursing through the veins of a teenage boy and the devastating effect of losing friends at this crucial developmental stage. This poignant memoir exposes how the author deals with both veiled and overt prejudice, not just in the world at large, but in her own heart and mind. Her son’s unflinching determination to stand firmly in his truth inspires Tammy to no longer dwell upon what others think of her. Her only concern now is what she thinks of herself.



Ordinary Women Sharing Extraordinary Stories”

Brigitte Lessard-Deyell realized long ago that women’s stories have the power to change the world. The simple act of sharing a personal story can transform lives, build a connection, and encourage hope. By sharing their stories, women make their communities stronger.

When Women Talk is a collection of stories by women from all walks of life, women who have survived hardship and learned what it means to navigate the world with wisdom, bravery, and balance. From a once homeless woman to a world traveled financial whiz, from a stay-at-home mother to a post graduate doctor, the women within these pages demonstrate what it means to stand in your truth and boldly live your best life.

Welcome to the safe space that is created When Women Talk.


With The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire, Lori Rekowski continues the journey that she began in her powerful first book, A Victim No More. This time, however, she brings along some friends. Following her personal journey to wholeness and self-love, Rekowski discovered Facebook and became curious about the people who selflessly post inspiration and support for total strangers, day after day. She was so impressed by this generosity that she embarked upon a mission to find the people behind the Fan Pages. The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire is your backstage pass as she pulls back the curtain to reveal to you the incredible journey each author has taken.

Rekowski says, “For years, I’ve done my best to listen, pray, meditate and ask for guidance that would allow me to do work that would help me to heal others in a way that is in the highest good for the concern of all others. In the process of practicing this, I am always blessed. This project has been no exception.” If you’ve ever wondered about the people behind the images and messages that touch and inspire us every day, this book is for you. You will laugh. You will cry. Your hearts will break when you read about what they have endured and your spirits will soar as you walk with them on their journey of healing.

In one of the chapters in The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire, Tammy Plunkett and Charlene Winchester tell the story about how they used Facebook to build a community of followers to The Bridge Post fan page. The members of this community not only came to love the fan page quotes and posters but also developed real give and take friendships.