Busting Your Unconscious Bias

A Personalized Coaching Call to Challenge Assumptions and Improve Your Relationships

  • Want to be a better ally to transgender, gender-diverse and marginalized communities, but feel like it’s just too overwhelming to know where to start?
  • Do you worry about unintentionally saying the wrong thing and causing harm?
  • How can you fix unconscious bias if you aren’t even aware of it?

Being an inconsistent ally because of unconscious bias can lead to a lack of trust in your relationships – personal and professional, it reinforces stereotypes and limits your impact.

This coaching call is a private place to explore your limited beliefs, discover a new way to embrace diversity and create richer and more rewarding relationships.

Your Allyship Starts Here

This is a 90-minute one-on-one coaching Zoom call, and by the end, you will be able to recognize and address bias and discrimination in your personal and professional life.

Investment: $247 CAD


As the parent of transgender children, Tammy Plunkett knows all too well the overwhelming amount of learning that comes with understanding gender diversity. When her first child came out, she messed up pronouns, secretly lived with fear and doubt, and went through a grieving process for the child and future she thought she knew.
Today, Tammy helps other parents, caregivers and organizations that interact with youth and families understand how they can affirm the gender and sexuality-diverse people in their lives. The goal is happy children, connected families, and a strengthened community.
Tammy is a certified life coach, author of the book Beyond Pronouns: The Essential Guide for Parents of Trans Children, and a speaker who began her career as a registered nurse. She has volunteered on the board of directors with Airdrie Pride for over five years, where she launched a peer-led support group. Her freelance work has appeared in Today’s Parent, HuffPost and LGBTQ Nation, and she’s appeared on national television on The Doctors, The Social and The Marilyn Denis Show, Global Radio, CBC Radio, local television and press, and The Spectator UK podcast.