Be Confident That Your Child Will be Okay


Education for stakeholders, caregivers, and parents of transgender kids, teens, and young adults.

Because your child is everything. And, you matter too.

  • Understand the process
  • Navigate social transition
  • Keep your child safe 

As the parent of a transgender child, I know all too well the questions floating around in your head:

  • Will my kid be bullied?
  • Is this a phase?
  • What are the medical implications?

I also have felt those emotions swimming in your stomach: fear, guilt, sadness, and possibly even pride and joy!

I have been where you are.

My child came out to us at 11 years old, more than four years ago now. I was grateful for my knowledge as a former registered nurse, and my experience as a professional life coach, but it was reaching out and finding my own mentors that helped me the most on this journey.

Today, my son is happy and healthy so I have the time and energy to give back to parents who are longing to support their child but just don’t know where to start and feel lost in the process. I am here to reassure you that your child can thrive!

And You Matter Too!

Transgender kids and teens, like all children, fair much better in life with loving support from their parents and their extended community. Trans kids face a world in which they are often misunderstood. They need someone to dry their tears, someone to give them hope that it gets better, and someone who stands up for their rights. As their parent or caregiver, you happen to be human. You have tears and fears of your own that you don’t show your child. You need support too. I am here to support you so that you can support your child. 

“Tammy was truly a savior to me when my daughter came out as trans. I found myself completely lost. I had never experienced anything quite like the feelings I was facing in those first hours, days, weeks, and months. I felt I had nowhere to go. When I talked to people I thought cared, I received silence and blank stares. I came upon Tammy’s name in a Google search. I can recall the encouraging words and peace from our first phone call. I still hear some of the things she said to me if I am having a rough day with transitioning.” – J.J.