learn to become the supportive parent you want to be to your transgender or nonbinary child


When your child comes out to you, you have a million and one thoughts and questions running through your mind and keeping you up at night.

  • What will this mean for my child and their future?
  • How do I best support them safely?
  • What if I say the wrong thing and what will people think of me or my kid?
  • How do I deal with my grief while supporting them?

You want to protect your child and do the very best for them. I know, I was in your shoes over six years ago when my first child came forward with his truth. 

Allow me to use my personal experience and skills as a certified life coach to help guide you to a more peaceful process.

I want to address what parents don’t hear often enough. You love your child and your child loves you. You are doing the best that you can with the knowledge you have at the moment.

Take a deep breath and know for this moment, that that is enough.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, shocked and equally scared for your child’s safety, happiness and health. How will the world see them and treat them? How will they navigate relationships and a career?

All of these questions at once can easily paralyze you. In fact, you probably went down the rabbit hole of Google searching for answers and everything made you feel worse (this happened to me). I felt like a failure for not knowing my child well enough to know sooner. It’s also easy to beat yourself up for misgendering your child when we used a different pronoun for the past five, ten, or even twenty-five years.

I want you know that things will get better, you will figure this out and you can become an advocate for your child, they can live a healthy, happy and productive life and you can and will move through your grief with grace.

Let me show you how.

Tammy was truly a savior to me when my daughter came out as trans. I found myself completely lost. I had never experienced anything quite like the feelings I was facing in those first hours, days, weeks, and months. Tammy offers so much to the LGBTQ community. Her knowledge, first-hand experience, and empathy are irreplaceable. She is a true blessing to each family who has the pleasure of meeting her.

Jen J.

Coming Soon: The Self-Guided Beyond Pronouns Course

Based on the insightful content of Beyond Pronouns: The Essential Guide for Parents of Trans Children, this course is designed to provide practical advice and guidance to parents of transgender children who are navigating the social aspects of transition.

With videos, handouts and exercises, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the challenges your child might face during this process and learn proven strategies for supporting them and yourself through every step.

The easy-to-follow modules cover a range of topics, from understanding gender diversity to talking to your child about their transition to addressing discrimination and bullying in the community. By the end of the course, you’ll feel empowered to support your child with confidence and compassion and build a stronger relationship with them along the way.

To stay in the loop for when the course is released, please sign-up to my email list here. 

“Tammy, you enabled me to create some sort of balance and order in the middle of journey I never expected to be on. You have been my rock through this. It is the unlimited test of non judgment and acceptance. I am so happy that you are on my side during this adventure.”

Deb C.