You Create Your Reality

You Create Your Reality

There I was on Saturday, sitting in a crowd of strangers at the I Can Do It conference in Toronto reading a text from a friend saying: “I am proud of you for having the confidence in yourself and conviction in your learning to go to a big conference like that all by yourself. Most people would not do that. ” Until reading that message, the thought of what most people would do never crossed my mind.

Would you have boarded a train alone to a big city? Would you have stayed in a Bed and Breakfast alone? Would you have taken public transportation alone to attend a conference alone?

In fact, I didn’t start planning my trip to be so alone. Another friend of mine was going to meet me in Toronto and attend the conference with me… but by the time her work gave her the time off, the conference was sold out. She then thought of catching a few shows while I went to the conference and we’d be together for meals and the evening… but then she said: “I am afraid to be alone in a big city like Toronto. I am going to pull out of the trip, if that’s okay.”

And do you know, it never dawned on me that maybe I should have been afraid too!

It hit me when I was sitting alone on the subway ride back to the B&B, at 10:30pm on a Saturday night. I think I’m supposed to be afraid. Sure enough, I looked around me and it was just like a cartoon where things started to take on a different look—a horror film look. It got to the point where I actually got off the subway and hailed a cab for the short trip left.  I was creating a reality of fear, even though nothing had changed but the thoughts in my head.

The irony of it all is that I was at an I Can Do It conference! I spent the day listening to the greats like Wayne Dyer say things like “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” and quotes from A Course in Miracles saying “You only have two emotions, love and fear. Any state that is not perfectly loving is fear, the removal of which brings about a state of Peace.”

And what gave me the confidence and conviction and courage to attend the conference alone in the first place is the fact that I had embraced these teachings a long time ago, because it is true that you too can change your world by seeing the good in it and not focusing on the bad. I also try my best to live in a loving state every day, everywhere I go. You can do that too!

Besides, I am home safe and sound and I have so much to share with you now! It was an amazingly inspiring weekend and my cup is running over with new tips for my upcoming Time-Out for Mom program and coaching calls. I even have some live dates for this fall that I will announce soon, because you want more love and less fear and more peace too, right?

Tell me honestly, do you think I was crazy for going to Toronto alone? Would you have done it? Have you ever had fear instilled into your mind by well-meaning friends? Do you have an example of how your thoughts changed your reality?