Why You Matter: Permission for Wellness

Why You Matter: Permission for Wellness

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Everything I write about and put out in the world comes from lessons I have learned myself. I share my stories in an effort to help others along their path, as so many have helped me.  When I talk about putting others’ needs ahead of our own, it’s because I have done it and have fallen on my face  before learning a new way.

I grew up with horrible self-esteem issues. I was a people-pleaser, a doormat, and a chronic helper and volunteer looking for a pat on the head to tell me I was good enough and that I mattered. I know what it feels like to think I don’t matter.

It took a huge crisis with my eldest daughter and, through that, coming to the realization that I was losing my health, my sanity, my friends, that  the quality of my work suffered, and I that I was neglecting my other three children and my husband to lead me to realize that I matter. A tiny sliver of my spirituality was the thread that I clung to like a lifeline and from which I was able to pull myself back to ME and rebuild my life.

I matter because all of my children need me and look to me as an example of what it is to have self-respect, to be healthy in body and mind, and to be of service and live with purpose. I also matter because I breathe and have a pulse—I don’t need to be anything to anybody to matter.

You matter because you breathe and have a pulse—you don’t need to be anything to anybody to matter. And you matter because you belong to groups of family or friends, you lead by example and you are of service and you have a purpose.

Out of all of this my wellness programs were born. I wanted to offer women a more holistic way to address their wellness and self-care.  While the flagship Mind Body Makeover is a deep dive into reclaiming your vibrant health and happiness, I wanted a smaller sampling—a quick taste for those who weren’t yet sure about a deep dive.

The Mini Mind Body Makeover focuses on your mindset change, and how your relationships can affect any change you try to make in your life. Of course I also cover healthy body habits and spirituality too. I confess, I created the Mini Mind Body Makeover specifically because I was tired of trying to lose weight the way that 20 year-olds do and I was tired of being sold on pills and shakes and lifting weights 5 days a week.

It’s  mini because it’s only a 30 day commitment to yourself, so if I haven’t yet convinced you that you matter enough to invest six months on you, maybe I can get you to focus on yourself for one month.

If you are ready to say “I MATTER” and turn your life around in just 30 days for only $50… Sign-up here and let’s get started.